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Tratado De Viticultura Pdf 48

Tratado de viticultura pdf 48

Tratado de viticultura is a comprehensive book on viticulture, written by Luis Hidalgo and Jose Hidalgo Togores, two renowned Spanish experts in the field. The book covers all aspects of grape growing, from the origins and structure of the vine to the cultivation, pruning, harvesting, and wine making processes. The book is divided into two volumes, each containing 26 chapters and more than 1000 pages of detailed information, illustrations, and references.

The book is intended for students, researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts of viticulture and enology, as well as for anyone interested in learning more about the history, culture, and science of grape growing and wine making. The book is written in Spanish, but it can be easily understood by readers with a basic knowledge of the language and the subject. The book is available in both print and digital formats, and it can be purchased online or in specialized bookstores.

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The keyword "Tratado de viticultura pdf 48" refers to the page number 48 of the first volume of the book in its digital version. On this page, the authors discuss the organography of the vine, that is, the morphology and anatomy of its different parts: roots, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits. The authors explain how each part of the vine performs a specific function in relation to its growth, development, and reproduction. They also describe how the vine adapts to different environmental conditions and how it responds to various external stimuli.

The page contains several diagrams and images that illustrate the structure and function of the vine's organs. For example, one diagram shows the cross-section of a root tip, highlighting its different zones: root cap, meristem, elongation zone, maturation zone, and root hairs. Another diagram shows the cross-section of a stem node, showing its different tissues: epidermis, cortex, phloem, cambium, xylem, pith, and buds. The page also contains a table that summarizes the main characteristics of the vine's leaves: shape, size, color, texture, margin, venation, etc.

The page 48 of Tratado de viticultura pdf is an example of the high quality and depth of information that the book provides on every topic related to viticulture. The book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about this fascinating and complex field of study.


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