Fun & Creativity

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We believe you can unlock a child’s potential for expression through Art. We provide opportunities for our children to explore many types of media, including paint, chalk, recycled paper and more! Cutting, pasting, gluing, colouring are all ways we can help your child develop not only their creative side, but fine motor skills as well!

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There are many opportunities for your child to explore musically. We have circle in the morning and Bible circle in the afternoon with songs and can incorporate instruments. Music and singing occurs in the classroom throughout the day. On Friday’s we participate in worship along with Kleinburg Christian Academy, a great opportunity to sing and dance.

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Children are created to move!  We provide times for gross motor play through out the day, and encouraged dancing!

ABC Cubes


We assist our learners with letter recognition and sounds. We have a letter of the week, we read stories related to the letter, items around the classroom will be linked to that letter (ie) letter of the week is F, craft will be gluing fish, math will be counting to 5 fish, play food in dramatic area etc.

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Math happens all the time!  Whether the children are counting, sorting or working with manipulatives, our children are learning all the time!

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Outdoor Play

Outdoor play allows students to access our fenced playground area with a sandbox, large climb-in vehicles, grassy area, ride-on toys, and multiple other balls and toys. Outside our playground area is 20 acres of open green space for exploration and long walks to observe nature, birds, other small creatures, and a neighbouring farm.