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Belguel Scandal Agadir Morocco Samira Old 42

Belguel Scandal Agadir Morocco Samira Old 42

The Belguel scandal was a notorious case of sexual exploitation and abuse that took place in Agadir, Morocco, between 2001 and 2005. A Belgian journalist named Philippe Servaty, who worked for the newspaper Le Soir, lured poor young girls into posing for pornographic photos and videos, promising them money, marriage, or visas to Europe. He then distributed the images online and on CD-ROMs, exposing the women to shame, harassment, and legal prosecution in their conservative society.

One of the women who fell victim to Servaty's scheme was Samira, a 42-year-old widow with four children. She met Servaty in 2003, when he offered her a job as a translator. He then persuaded her to pose nude for him, claiming that he loved her and wanted to marry her. He also took photos of her with other women and men, without her consent. He gave her some money, but never fulfilled his promises of marriage or a visa.


In 2005, Samira discovered that Servaty had betrayed her and many other women. She found a CD-ROM with hundreds of photos and videos of Servaty's sexual exploits in Agadir, including images of herself. She was shocked and outraged by his deception and violation. She decided to expose him and seek justice for herself and the other victims. She contacted a Moroccan human rights organization, which helped her file a complaint to the police. She also contacted the Belgian embassy and the media, hoping to draw attention to the scandal.

Samira's courage and determination led to the revelation of the Belguel scandal, which caused a public outcry in Morocco and Belgium. The Moroccan authorities arrested and prosecuted many of the women who appeared in Servaty's photos, as posing for pornographic images is a crime in Morocco. Some of the women were sentenced to prison terms, while others were released on bail or pardoned. The Moroccan authorities also asked Belgium to press charges against Servaty, but Belgium declined, as the photos were not illegal under Belgian law.

Servaty resigned from Le Soir and went into hiding, fearing for his life. He received death threats from the families of the women he exploited, as well as from Islamic extremists. He also faced civil lawsuits from some of the victims, who demanded compensation for the damages he caused them. In 2013, he was finally convicted by a Belgian court for "debauchery or prostitution of a minor", "degrading treatment", and "exhibition and distribution of pornographic images". He was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

The Belguel scandal exposed the dark side of sex tourism and exploitation in Morocco, as well as the double standards and hypocrisy of some Western journalists and tourists who abuse their power and privilege in developing countries. It also highlighted the plight and vulnerability of poor Moroccan women who are driven by poverty and desperation to accept offers from foreign men who promise them a better life. Samira's brave act of resistance and denunciation inspired many other Moroccan women to speak out against sexual violence and injustice.


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