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The Children Act YIFY

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Guardian of the Pale, Widowing / Possessing, The Glow Of Desperation, The Air Below The Water, Colors Hidden Within The Gray, The Origin Of Sleep, The Ghost Beside Me (Demo version), Convalescence: A Retrospective - Official 2018 compilation, and 7 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $89.15 USD or more (25% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. Do They Ever Sing? 01:37 lyrics buy track [Child:] Do the children ever sing?[The Beautiful:] Alas, they do not sing but songs of woe and remembrance.[Child:] Do the children ever dance?[The Beautiful:] Alas, they can dance no more.[Child:] Do the children ever laugh?[The Beautiful:] Alas, their laughter can be heard no longer.[Child:] Do the children ever play?[The Beautiful:] Alas, their days of playing have long since ended.[Child:] Do the children ever sleep?[The Beautiful:] Alas, the children cannot sleep. They can only dream.[Child:] Do the children ever cry?[The Beautiful:] Alas, I do regret, they forever cry tears of sadness.[Child:] Do the children ever love?[The Beautiful:] Alas, they can love no more.[Child:] Do you love the children?[The Beautiful:] I love all of my children, yet I fear they cannot love me.[Child:] Do you love me?[The Beautiful:] I shall love thee forever, my dearest one. Sleepnow, as we enter this endless memory together, and see thy deathawakened... all in a moment... 2. This, My Melancholic Masquerade 05:10 lyrics buy track [The Cast][The Beautiful: Ancient queen of the earthen season and her name is Autumn][Wisdom: Lord of the ancient, majestic garden, all knowing, all seeing][Benevolence: Conscience of Autumn. The side of light and hope][The Child: Child of Autumn. Her sole, dearest companion][Deciet: Black angel of lies and misery, the dark side of Autumn][The Beautiful: ]Hear me... o valiant sister, reveal to me, this archaic imageAwakened, I find no passage within these arcane illusionsHath I but found my eternity manifested within meThis mask of shattered divinity do I now wearEndless black skies surround my freedomThe ravens cry out for my undoing, how beautiful their songs are to meHopelessly, I envision fragile winds sweeping away my spiritLeaving behind my barren epitaph, taking me to my eternity... my gardenVanquished foes, fear not my destinyTake this empty shell which is my bodyAnd free my dying brood from endless millenniaOne child, one god, one wish, one dream, one heart, one life, one final victoryO hear me... I'm in pain 3. A Dreaming Kiss 06:06 lyrics buy track Lips of glassTheir touch so deepCold, enchanting blissThe dying dreams, I take unto my loveHer embrace to carry me beyond deathI wish...A deepening woe, a shadow of lifeHindering my dying dreamsBut jus one kiss, I beg of thee my loveTo dry my ever flowing stream of tearsI wish...Unfortunate is the one who suffersFor there is no comfort in deathOnly one single hope...My love given and not taken without burdenMay we love one another freelyWithout fear of abandonmentWatch me as I die painlesslyA thousand timesThe sweet, sweet agony of my beingEver am I aloneSadness... a kiss passionate sorrowOf a time to come of divine unityO my love, take us to our ebony meadowTogether we standAmidst the moonlit for and snowI wish...Beloved darkness, to you I pleadGive but a wakeful momentOf tragic lustA kingdom of carnal pleasureA garden of crystalline dreams 4. So Sweet... the Tears 03:09 lyrics buy track Wings of sorrowLift me from sleepMy eternal spiritUneasy in its wakeMy mind like that of a childLocked withinThe tainted walls of griefI screamTo free my soul a tribute to my painAnd hatredMy imbalance, my lust for both worldsThey are two, yet they are oneFind meAnd guide meLift me from this shadowOf death 5. Commiseration in Mourning 02:27 lyrics buy track My forbidden desireShone deeply within mine eyesArchaic visions awakenedHidden beneath forgotten memoriesSeemingly endless phantomsParadingDevilish apparitionsDance amidst the follyOf my sleeping dramaI hear their criesBathing in moonlightThis lascivious breed I scornMy raven skies embellishedWith traces of bloodless depravityI speak of celestial adorationDivine lamentationAnd tears of infinite mourning...My utopia do I coverAnd hate being my truest form of loveMy nemesis unmaskedMy own face do I seeTorn in silenceI hath seen the majestic beautyOf darkened landscapes and ivory gatesO what fools can they not see I am lostEndless battles they fight for my soulNo pity, no comfort do I now askLet me suffer alone in my own miseryMy children shall never abandon mePoor souls can they not see they are mineA dying rose do I now give to each of themAn eternity of my love and deathOrnamental disgrace as they envisionTheir dying savior before meAs his children to forever become mineAshen mortalityA faceless entity within themHow is it that I feelTheir saddened wishes?Time passes... dreams die...And I silently kiss away their lives 6. The Garden of Crystalline Dreams - Act One 05:41 lyrics buy track [Wisdom: ]I deny thee entrance in my beautiful gardenFor it is not thee who hath corrupted mankind, than who?Thou shalt spend the eternity in contemplation... of thy sins[The Beautiful: ]O please, sorrow and remorse, I beg of theeHave pity, I do repent, show thy mercy upon meGrant me passage beyond my hateful life[Wisdom: ]Foolish one, I cannot allow thy soul to remain freeI do pity thee, yet you are beyond my graspYou belong to the other, I cannot sever that which binds theeTo enter my kingdom, thou must first cleanse thy soulHath I never sailed upon infinite shores of sinThe inner glory suppressed only by the shadow of fearTo find oneself buried so deeply in uncertaintyThe delicate threads of hope tirelessly fray...[The Beautiful: ]Am I to suffer my eternity tormented by phantoms of being?Is there no hope for one dying, pleading soul?Of so, then I shall not suffer alone[Benevolence: ]Thou must find thy soul and release thy hatredWithin thyself may thou find the dreams to change thy fateOnly then may these ivory gates open for thee[Deceit: ]Listen not to the lies of those whom hath condemned theeArt thou to trust whom hath taken that which was thineSeek not love, but hatred and vengeanceThen only my thee find ease for the severed heart 7. The Battle - Act Two 07:40 lyrics buy track [Deceit: ]Now must choose o' wretched soul, for thyself, thou must chooseChoose to take or be taken, to be tortured by thySorrow by giving into thy reluctance and pityGo then, if thou must, to die a miserable wretch withinThy blackened kingdom[Benevolence: ]Listen not to the lies of false humanityOnly through purification of thy spirit may rest be foundAnger shall not soothe thy ever aching heartThe only promises kept are ones made from thyself[Wisdom: ]Take now this finality of injustice... I shall offer thee no mercyTo rid thyself of false identity thou must free this soul dammed by theeThy child to be released by life taken from theeAnd this soul of one so full of everlasting youth shall be returned unto meDare to awaken my vengeance with thy defianceTo this your death in life I shall forever condemn theeHeed this last warning, my pitiful soulFor when I vanquish thy breed... they shall all become mine[Child: ]Take not my life, o beautiful earthen motherFor now I shall retain my youth granted from thee foreverAs I was taken I now take and wish to remain in thy shadowTake not my life, for together we shall unveil this fragile earth[Deceit: ]Heed the words spoken, seek no longer an answerIf it be not enough, then for thy pride only bow to noneLet those who would take thy only possession from theeBe cast in amber flames and eternal darkness[The Beautiful: ]My mind, a tangled mass of utter confusionThe conquest for my soul, a struggle tearing me apartIf I must act to rid myself of the scourge within meThen by and by my soul be damned, so it shall be done[Benevolence: ]If thou dost truly love thy child and whish to cleanse thy soul of sinThy immortal life extinguished and all thy children to find rebirthThy flesh must remain within the earth while thy soul shall await judgement[Deceit: ]Be not a fool, for thy slumber may wait and remain indifferentThy mask shall fall and then turn to dustShouldst thou renounce thyself and venture into the realm of lightThy chains shall remain forever 8. The Ebony Meadow - Act Three 06:33 lyrics buy track Crosses of silk, soil of stone and streams of bloodWinds sing sorrowful melodies of a youthful earthThe trees hang their heads in baneful prayerWe listen in wonder to the tales of the moon[The Beautiful: ]May I watch the stillness pass me byMay I forever choose to embrace the light, imprison by laughterMy waking wisdom serves me less to my conscienceRemove my spirit from the wind, I shall remain foreverO' chivalrous, o' heavenly gardenChoose me for but one more task 9. A Shadow Painted White 06:03 lyrics buy track A rose for the dead ones...Sometimes they want to dieSometimes they want to liveWhen they live they come to meWhen they die they are silentNo tender mercy shall I give as they plead for usWithout remorse I shall take their livesSilently in chaotic passionFrom their impending, mindless presenceReaping the emptiness withinMy blackened eyed the last horror they shall seeDamned am I... noFor there is no damnation my soul hath not takenShall I be swayed in my vengeanceAs time tears open my wounds?I think not! 10. Black Heaven 03:48 lyrics buy track [Deceit: ]What a precious mistake thou has madeA fool you hath made of be itI take thee now withVengeance and furyMy wrath shall I besetUpon the souls of innocenceSee me nowAs I spread my darkening wingsPity them as theySpeak my name in vainMy divine pleasure takenIn watching them dieThus, ever they shall suffer as I doOrnate wisdomRevealed in mine eyesI shall sip the wineOf tumultuous lifeMy kiss and a promiseI shall give thee nowNever shall I weepAs they cry out my nameA hymn to my wandering lightBlackening sun, emptinessTaste victory unquenchedThroughout my millenniaEmbodied by this distortionOf my withering stareFools, have thy moment of gloryAs my blanket of death unfoldsUpon thy childrenWatch my glorious triumph in hatredRegret thy error as I take them:One by one[Wisdom: ]A mask I wear of infinite gesturesA vale of dusk beyond my jaded horizonDeath for thee hath many facesLife hath but only one[Deceit: ]Prepare thyself for my victorious eraAs showers of blood spill forth upon theeFrom the ebony gatesOf my black heaven 11. The Blooming (Bonus track) 01:52 info buy track about Recorded at West Sound & Video Production from February to May of 1997. $(".tralbum-about").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_about"), "more", "less"); credits released February 24, 1997 Ted Keyboards, Vocals (backing), Songwriting, ArrangementsErika Vocals (lead), Songwriting, Arrangements $(".tralbum-credits").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_long"), "more", "less"); license all rights reserved tags Tags classical dead can dance enya jóhann jóhannsson stoa neolassical operatic soundtrack world music Billerica Shopping cart total USD Check out about Autumn Tears Billerica, Massachusetts

The Children Act YIFY



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