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Imediatouch Radio Automation Broadcast Software Crack Keygen

imediatouch radio automation broadcast software

Radio broadcasting is a complex and dynamic industry that requires reliable and flexible software solutions to manage the daily operations and challenges. One of the leading providers of radio automation software is win-OMT Software, a company that has been serving the broadcast media industry across North America and internationally since 1984. Their flagship product is iMediaTouch, a comprehensive and advanced automation system that can handle any format, any single station operation, or any broadcast cluster.

iMediaTouch is designed to simplify the system transition, including database conversion, hardware repurposing, training and fully supported new system integration. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly on-air interface that has all the features that radio talent love to use, such as voice tracking, satellite interfacing, phone bit recorder, wav form editing, and more. It also supports touchscreen and/or mouse capabilities, dual monitor display, and cart style screen display with static cart decks within the on-air module.

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iMediaTouch is compatible with various third-party systems, such as MusicMaster, Wheatstone, Axia, and NPR Content Depot. It also provides flexible internet features, such as metadata output, album cover and real time WMA encoding. For groups requiring WAN solutions, iMediaTouch offers centralized audio distribution and remote voice tracking. Moreover, iMediaTouch has a built-in backup system that can operate off local hard drive or redundant server with complete restoration of all configuration settings and database entries in case of a server down emergency.

iMediaTouch is not only a powerful automation system, but also a creative tool that can enhance the radio programming and listener experience. For example, iMediaTouch can automatically generate hooks for airing "Coming Up Next" front sell and promos. It can also handle sports broadcasts, such as baseball, NASCAR, and local remote sports events, all done in one daily log. For Canadian broadcasters, iMediaTouch has a "CanCon" feature that displays the play percentage of all Canadian content or Emerging Artists for CRTC regulatory requirements.

iMediaTouch is more than just a software product. It is a partnership with win-OMT Software, a company that is committed to customer service and satisfaction. win-OMT Software provides technical support, software updates, training sessions, webinars, and online resources to help their clients get the most out of their iMediaTouch system. They also welcome feedback and suggestions from their clients to continually improve their products and services.

If you are looking for a radio automation software that can meet your current and future needs, you should consider iMediaTouch. It is the most advanced automation system for any format, any single station operation, or any broadcast cluster. To learn more about iMediaTouch and other products from win-OMT Software, please visit their website or contact them today.


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