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Buy Gold Jewelry In Bulk

Our quality gold is manufactured and imported from the best jewelry factories around the world with the highest standard of production and polish. Even though we mainly specialize in 14k Gold, we also carry a large selection of 10K Gold chains. The karat of gold is always guaranteed.

buy gold jewelry in bulk

At, you can stock up and save with our Quantity Discounts. The more Bulk Chain you buy, the more you save! Take advantage of our tiered pricing to save on our everyday low prices on all jewelry making supplies. Our prices on Bulk Chain for jewelry making are so low, it's like buying straight from the factory. You'll find low wholesale prices on Gold Plated, Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver Filled Chain and more. For your next jewelry making project, buy from

Buy gold diamonds wholesale from and choose from a variety of gold diamonds at wholesale prices. From gold jewelry wholesale to gold diamond earrings, rose gold diamonds, wholesale gold pendants, and gold diamond suppliers on

24k gold jewelry can be compared with regular gold jewelry. Men gold jewelry or women's gold jewelry should also be considered at the same time as other gold jewelry is men. Find 24k gold jewelry for men and women at wholesale prices on

Women tend to prefer gold jewelry than men, so they should always choose gold earring types. The price of gold is also more than women, so they prefer gold earring styles. Other women might like gold jewelry than men who like gold jewelry.

Shop for wholesale 14k gold jewelry wholesale for styles that fit diverse tastes. Traditionalists may go for a ring with diamonds, whereas others may opt for lab grown diamonds or even vintage engagement rings. Whatever styles your customers are looking for, our selection of wholesalers include a range that will guarantee their purchase is special. Explore our wholesalers' entire range of 14k gold jewelry wholesale at

On, you can find the latest styles of wholesale 14k gold jewelry wholesale from our large offering of suppliers. Any style for any occasion, we have 14k diamond jewelry wholesale that will match your tastes. We have a diverse collection that includes engagement rings, wedding rings, promise rings, and men's wedding bands. Our 14k Gold jewelry wholesale are also made with different craftsmanship ranging from sterling silver rings for a simpler understated style, to birthstone rings and sapphire. For you looking choose a perfect wedding style or there's something suitable for your occasions.

Find high-quality wholesale 14k gold jewelry wholesale for your customers at For special occasions or everyday wear, we have a wide range of 14k gold jewelry wholesale from suppliers who ship worldwide. Not only are 14k gold jewelry wholesale a stylish accessory to add to your jewelry collection, they have been a symbol of devotion and eternity throughout history. It was Egyptian Pharaohs who originally used rings to represent eternity, so ring selection has passed down to modern day as an important decision. Wholesale engagement rings and wedding rings are available to make that special day even more memorable.

If you are looking for high-quality wholesale 18K gold jewelry online at attractive wholesale prices, is a great place to start your quest on getting straightforward answers about the wholesale diamond and gold jewelry.

You can check out some of the deals I found by scrolling down to the bottom. The company often has listings for wholesale lots, which means that you will have to buy jewelry in quantity. Having to buy 5 bracelets when you only want one defeats the purpose of getting cheap wholesale prices, though. If you want to re-sell the extras or all of it, you can get some great deals.

Play with Diamonds in Thailand has a tremendous track record in manufacturing and exporting premium quality wholesale 18k gold jewelry and diamond jewelry. The company distinguishes being one among very few manufacturers with high quality, best price, and on-time deliveries.

Take advantage and buy wholesale jewelry directly from the source. Besides the wholesale 18k gold jewelry items you see on this page, they also offer body jewelry, rings, earrings, diamond jewelry, and other jewelry findings.

The company has rightly earned the position of being a reliable supplier to prominent international jewelry brands and retail stores. Their expansive production facility ensures that all orders are customized, manufactured, and delivered within the dedicated timeline.

They are also one of the preferred wholesale jewelry manufacturing companies, which design and cast jewel pieces with diamonds. The company not only customizes designs but also operates as trendsetters of bespoke jewels.

Glance through their comprehensive website is nothing short of a wholesale tool to identify your jewelry-related requirements. The active online support is dedicatedly available to address your inquiries and offer assistance.

Getting wholesale prices for individual jewelry pieces like a pair of Rose Gold Stud Diamonds Earrings or a Ruby Hand Charm will be very difficult. There are different rules in different states and different countries, so do your research, and also be aware that it will help in getting wholesale prices if you have a business.

If you are new to buying wholesale gold jewelry online, we are here to help. In the beginning, I, too, can remember how frustrated and confused I felt before I truly understood how to shop from wholesale gold jewelry suppliers, and I hope the information this website offers and the service we provide proves to be of great value to you.

If you have been craving for jewelry lately, but have stepped back looking at the exuberantly expensive price tags on them, then here is the right solution for your problem. What you need is wholesale jewelry. Wholesale jewelry, like everything wholesale, is extremely cheap.

These days every bulk jewelry supply dealer prefers to sell wholesale 18k gold jewelry. This is a convenient and most appropriate way of selling wholesale jewelry. Not only does the supplier benefit from this but also the buyer bags a great deal with such a purchase.

Wholesale purchasing is by far one of the most convenient and profitable forms of shopping when the requirement is big and frequent. While being highly cost-effective and appropriate, this wholesale shopping might also prove to be a daunting task, especially when it comes to shopping for gold jewelry. There are three most important aspects to consider before buying wholesale gold jewelry from a supplier.

While buying wholesale 18k gold jewelry online could be a highly beneficial deal for regular buyers, it can also lead to great losses if approached ignorantly. Thus, one must always keep the above three tips in mind in order to steal the best possible deals on such purchases.

You're likely keenly aware that lowering your overhead on inventory acquisition and operations gives you more room to turn a profit. That means if you can stock your store for less, your business will make more money. This is made possible by wholesalers, who sell product in bulk to businesses for less than they would pay at retail. Wholesalers can then pass on these savings to you, allowing you to stock more of a certain product or a greater variety.

Imagine this: A couple of your new bracelets are a hit, and you have customers banging down your door. You stand to turn a big profit on this jewelry, so you decide to order more before your current stock runs out completely. Then your supplier puts you on back order for weeks, well after the trend has blown over. They let you down and cost your business money. 041b061a72


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