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Pew Pew Rocket Rar Free Download ~REPACK~

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Pew Pew Rocket Rar Free Download

You're free to take a look into the files and understand how it all works.Previously these files used to be organized, with in-detail descriptions of my notes and usual Chimera research, but I decided to remove said notes.I may, or may not share them in the future, apologies. There have been certain events that made me null this information until further notice.If you plan on making a new version or a compatibility pack based on my mod, you must seek permission from me first.This includes making 4PR ports for mod loader mods. This mod is a total rebalance and rework of progression in the game. It's not meant to be compatible with conflicting mods.Regardless, if you do make use of my notes (older versions or old posts I made), please be kind to credit me. I didn't spend months of work only for credit be dismissed. 350c69d7ab

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