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Where To Buy Kombu Seaweed

Kombu (昆布) is a seaweed widely consumed in East Asia. Known for its excellent source of glutamate, an amino acid responsible for umami, it plays an indispensable role in Japanese cuisine.

where to buy kombu seaweed

Kombu belongs to the brown algae family. The Japanese use the seaweed by steeping it in water to extract the natural umami essence. This essence or dashi is the foundation of many Japanese dishes. It resembles deep olive-colored leaves and may be covered with white powder, also known as glutamic salt.

While making kombu dashi takes minutes, its production is a much longer and more rigorous process. Kombu is farm-raised in a nursery where the top leaves are cut off so that the root can regrow. The leaves are laid out on the rocks to dry, then compressed to release the remaining moisture. Some varieties are further dried indoors to mature. Hokkaido is a major producer, cultivating 95% of Japanese kombu.

The primary usage for kombu is to make the Japanese soup stock called Kombu Dashi, which is the base of miso soup, noodle soup, and many other dishes. To make kombu dashi, you reconstitute pieces of kombu by soaking or heating them gently in water (do not boil). To boost the umami, you can add other umami sources such as katsuobushi (bonito flakes), dried shiitake mushrooms, or iriko (dried baby sardines).

Kobujime is a technique where raw fish or vegetables are layered between kombu sheets to impart flavor to the ingredient. At sushi restaurants, you may encounter kobujime of white fish or oily fish like mackerel.

You can purchase bags at Japanese and Asian grocery stores. Whole Foods, gourmet markets, and natural food stores also carry it in the Asian food aisle. Alternatively, you can buy good quality kombu from here that ships internationally.

In recent years, there have been many fishermen, scientists, and consumers in the west, particularly in the U.S., who see kelp and kelp farming as a solution to environmental sustainability. Once an exotic ingredient to the Americans, kombu kelp has been accepted as a promising source of food, jobs, and a solution to clean ocean waters.

As well as being the best source of glutamate, kombu also contains high levels of iodine, which is essential in a wide range of bodily functions, including metabolism, bone health, and immune response. It is also a great source of dietary fiber and contains several enzymes that can break down complex sugars in the stomach that are usually indigestible.

Did you know the amino acids found in kombu can help break down heavy starches in food like dried beans? This allows for easy digestion and helps minimize the gas-producing effects of beans. It is especially great news for vegetarians and vegans as beans are one of the main food groups.

Kombu, also known as kelp, is a sea vegetables of the 'Laminaria' family of which there are more than ten species. Eden Kombu Laminaria japonica is a dark greenish brown sea vegetable with thick, wide leafy fronds that grow in the waters off the southeastern coast of Hokkaido, Japan's northern most island. This type of kombu, known as 'Ma-konbu', is highly prized. not only for its abundance of essential minerals, vitamins, and trace elements but also for its natural glutamic salts that make It makes an excellent flavoring agent. Kombu contains the amino acid glutamine, a naturally sweet, superior flavor enhancer.

  • Eden Kombu Sea Vegetable grows wild in the clean, cold northern waters where the choicest grades of kombu grow bathed in steady Arctic currents. Eden selects only the tender central part of the plant that has the best flavor and texture. The fronds are hand harvested using long poles with knives attached to cut the kombu free from the ocean bottom. As the kombu floats to the surface it is gathered into boats and taken ashore. The fronds are washed, folded and naturally sun dried on the white sand beaches before cutting and packaging. Lesser grades of commercial kombu are cultivated artificially or simply gathered from the beach after washing ashore. Many are sprayed with chemically produced and toxic monosodium glutamate (MSG) to make the kombu more tender. Eden Kombu grows wild and is gathered by hand from the sea while the plant is still living.Eden Kombu Sea Vegetable is most frequently used to make the delicious Japanese noodle broth, dashi, seasoned with shoyu soy sauce. It can be used, however, to make a variety of soup stocks. Simply place a strip in a pot of water and bring to a boil. Remove the kombu after 4 to 5 minutes and discard or chop and use in other dishes. Vegetables, herbs, spices or fish can be added to the stock after removing the kombu. Kombu can also be soaked, chopped and simmered with carrots, onions, squash, daikon or other sweet vegetables. A small piece of kombu added to dried beans, helps to tenderize them as they cook. Product Videos Custom Field Sodium Low Sodium Kosher Pareve Fat Fat Free Macrobiotic Macrobiotic Gluten Gluten Free Non-GMO Non-GMO Allow Each for B2B Yes inventory-detail na Product Reviews Kombu, Sea Vegetable - 2.2 lb $130.04 Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Add to Cart Recommended You May Also Like sku: 108600 Arame, Sea Vegetable - 2.2 lb $205.65 - + Add to cart sku: 108620 Hiziki, Sea Vegetable - 2.2 lb $351.46 - + Add to cart sku: 108700 Wakame, Sea Vegetable - 2.2 lb $227.21 - + Add to cart sku: 108840 Arame, Sea Vegetable $15.21 - $84.87 - + Add to cart sku: 108880 Kombu, Sea Vegetable $13.43 - $74.94 - + Add to cart sku: 108880 Kombu, Sea Vegetable $13.43 - $74.94 - + Add to cart sku: 109590 Bonito Flakes $9.59 - $107.02 - + Add to cart sku: 108900 Wakame, Sea Vegetable $19.47 - $108.64 - + Add to cart sku: 108700 Wakame, Sea Vegetable - 2.2 lb $227.21 - + Add to cart sku: 110050 Maitake Mushrooms, Organic - dried $14.65 - $109.00 - + Add to cart sku: 108840 Arame, Sea Vegetable $15.21 - $84.87 - + Add to cart sku: 108920 Instant Wakame Flakes, Sea Vegetable $17.46 - $162.38 - + Add to cart sku: 110020 Whole Shiitake Mushrooms - dried $12.31 - $137.38 - + Add to cart sku: 109030 Mekabu Wakame, Sea Vegetable $12.05 - $67.24 - + Add to cart sku: 107780 Genmai Miso, Organic $12.10 - $135.04 - + Add to cart You May Also Like Recommended Kombu, Sea Vegetable sku: 108880 $13.43 - $74.94 - + Add to cart Bonito Flakes sku: 109590 $9.59 - $107.02 - + Add to cart Wakame, Sea Vegetable sku: 108900 $19.47 - $108.64 - + Add to cart Wakame, Sea Vegetable - 2.2 lb sku: 108700 $227.21 - + Add to cart Maitake Mushrooms, Organic - dried sku: 110050 $14.65 - $109.00 - + Add to cart Arame, Sea Vegetable sku: 108840 $15.21 - $84.87 - + Add to cart Instant Wakame Flakes, Sea Vegetable sku: 108920 $17.46 - $162.38 - + Add to cart Whole Shiitake Mushrooms - dried sku: 110020 $12.31 - $137.38 - + Add to cart Mekabu Wakame, Sea Vegetable sku: 109030 $12.05 - $67.24 - + Add to cart Genmai Miso, Organic sku: 107780 $12.10 - $135.04 - + Add to cart Arame, Sea Vegetable - 2.2 lb sku: 108600 $205.65 - + Add to cart Hiziki, Sea Vegetable - 2.2 lb sku: 108620 $351.46 - + Add to cart Wakame, Sea Vegetable - 2.2 lb sku: 108700 $227.21 - + Add to cart Arame, Sea Vegetable sku: 108840 $15.21 - $84.87 - + Add to cart Kombu, Sea Vegetable sku: 108880 $13.43 - $74.94 - + Add to cart Contact Us 701 Tecumseh RoadClinton, MI 49236cs@edenfoods.com517-456-7424 Accounts & Orders Gift Certificates

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Known as the superfood of the sea, this kombu kelp is packed with nutrients and fibre. It also is a naturally smooth flavour enhancer, so makes a great alternative to salt. It is pure umami - which translates from Japanese as 'savoury deliciousness'. Add generously into soups, stews and sauces. Mineral-rich, it amazing source of iodine and fibre is one of the best vegetable sources of calcium. 041b061a72


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