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Orthodox beeswax candles - Church Candles 21 cm - 10 pcs.

Our range includes candles of different sizes and shapes, as well as candles made by special orders. Read on to learn more about our products and services!

Wax candles of the sizes you need.

Here you will find wax candles of all sizes. If you have special requirements for candle sizes, we can make custom candles for you.

You can order Orthodox Church Candles beeswax in the Workshop "Candles Fantasy".

Our candles are of high quality and are available at a reasonable price. You can choose candles of excellent quality that will diversify your home, room, will be a stylish accessory and a wonderful gift for loved ones.

Orthodox candles made of beeswax.

You can buy Orthodox beeswax candles with a length of 21 cm, which meet the highest quality standards.

The burning time of our candles is 120 minutes, the length is 21 cm and the thickness is 6.0 mm, which allows you to use them for a long time.Gorenje

Candles made of beeswax will enrich your meditation, prayer ritual and home altar.

Beeswax is characterized by high purity and the ability to improve the quality of indoor air, filling it with a delicate honey aroma.

How to store beeswax candles.

Cleanliness is the key to durability, so candles should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, close heat sources, strong odors.

The shape and color may change during use - this is a natural process associated with the characteristics of beeswax.

Buy candles from us and create a unique atmosphere.

Our candles are the best combination of quality, accessibility and aesthetics!

Buying candles from us, you get a 100% natural product that has no chemical impurities and has a unique aroma.

Create a unique atmosphere in your home, with the help of candles from the workshop "Candles Fantasy".

The ability to order unique candles.

Our workshop is ready to make unique candles to order. We can make candles of any shapes and sizes at your request.

If you need high-quality candles for your business or other event, contact us for the manufacture of candles for corporate gifts or holiday decorations.

In conclusion, we are pleased to offer you our products - high quality wax candles that will create a cozy atmosphere in your home and help you on your spiritual path. Do not forget that we can make candles for your individual orders. Make your life even brighter and fill it with the aroma of natural candles from "Candles Fantasy"!


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